The Concept is Simple


Companies pay clearloop a fee based on the carbon footprint of each of the products whose environmental impact it wants to reclaim.


Clearloop builds new renewable energy facilities that will clear up the matching carbon emissions from the communities with the dirtiest grids, reclaiming the carbon footprint of each product.


Companies place the clearloop warranty symbol on each of their products and loop in their consumers allowing them to track purchases directly to the corresponding solar panel.


One Product at a Time

From the toothpaste in your bathroom to the carpet on your floors and the car in your garage—the products we buy and use every day have a carbon footprint. The brands we love are making an effort to take responsibility, but they need more ways to put their efforts into action and loop in their customers. Clearloop is here to help accelerate the greening of the grid one product at a time.

Get your brands in the loop

We are introducing Clearloop to help companies and consumers accelerate the greening of the U.S. electricity grid one product at a time in the hardest to reach places.

Our Impact

Over the next 10 years, we need to stop burning fossil fuels—like coal and gas—to power the things we do every day—charge our phones, light our homes, and cook our meals. 

That’s where clearloop comes in to amplify the power of brands by harnessing our everyday purchases to accelerate the greening of the grid.

How do we do it?

Clearloop spurs renewable energy generation in the U.S electricity grid by disrupting the way in which clean energy projects get built today.

  • Equal Access

Build renewable energy facilities in the places pumping out the most carbon emissions from dirty energy sources. No community in our country should be left behind and we’re focused on those with the greatest need.  

  • Corporate Accountability

Track corporate investments directly to tangible clean energy projects and measure the greening of the grid. 

  • Scalable Commitment

Offer new renewable energy facilities to companies big and small to reclaim the carbon footprint of all of their products or a limited offering, transforming our energy system one product at a time. 

  • Low-risk Investment

A one time, per product, payment makes it easy and convenient for companies to sign up, take responsibility for their footprint, and green the grid, instead of demanding that companies sign years-long, risky contracts to purchase energy.