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How does Clearloop work?

The Clearloop process is simple: measure, reclaim, and track.  We help corporations reclaim (or offset) the carbon footprint of their products, services, or operations with new renewable energy facilities.

These facilities avoid carbon emissions from fossil fuel electricity generation in the American electricity grid.  While the process is simple, it’s science-based and builds on the best sustainable practices and international standards.

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What does the claim 100% reclaimed carbon footprint mean?

When a product earns the Clearloop 100% reclaimed carbon warranty, the product’s total carbon footprint has been “reclaimed”, or accounted for, by funding new renewable energy facilities in the United States. Over time, this will displace the equivalent amount of carbon from traditional electricity production. Unlike new renewable energy facilities that have been developed in the last decade, Clearloop does not sell renewable energy to corporations. It flows straight into the electric grid and is available to individuals and businesses directly. In accordance with the FTC’s Green Guides, companies can make the claim as soon as the contract is signed stating that the facilities will be built within the mandatory 2-year window.

How does the offset credit from Clearloop apply to my scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions?

Clearloop offers companies a low-risk tool with a measurable impact: a new solar project in the United States.

This project applies to the entire carbon footprint of a product, a service, or other corporate activity (like business travel!), not just the energy consumed by the company.

How does Clearloop calculate the carbon emissions from the electricity grid?

Clearloop calculates the carbon emissions and avoided carbon emissions from the US electric grid using internationally established calculations. We also apply the latest marginal grid emissions factors from environmental tech non-profit, WattTime.org. The electricity sector in the U.S. is responsible for about a quarter of our country’s carbon footprint. Even though that number may seem insurmountable, we have the technology to refurbish our grid. Renewable energy facilities will replace older polluting facilities with zero-emissions electricity. By accelerating the construction of new green energy facilities, we are going after the lowest hanging fruit and having a measurable impact.

What makes Clearloop different than other solutions (Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), carbon offset schemes or RECs)?

Clearloop is here to make the process simple for companies. We are focused on one thing: clearing the carbon from our U.S. electric grid

Our projects target the dirtiest grid areas in the U.S. to ensure maximum carbon emissions reductions.

These solar array projects are third-party verified to provide high levels of impact and operations assurance. By accelerating the construction of new clean energy facilities in the United States, we are making a tangible impact in the communities currently left behind.

Are Clearloop projects additional?

Absolutely! Every Clearloop project meets a rigorous additionality test.  If it were not for the financial investment of our customers, Clearloop projects could not be built. Here is more about more about our methodology. 

Every partner that reclaims their carbon footprint is helping to construct a new solar project to clean up the grid. We focus on the areas of the country with the dirtiest grids (high fossil-fuel electricity generation). Learn more about our research

Shouldn't we, and the brands we love, do more to reduce our carbon footprints directly?

100%. Even when we are very deliberate and thoughtful about our daily activities, we still produce a carbon footprint.  This is true for individuals and businesses. 

The good news is that by purchasing products and services that partner with Clearloop, you are taking real action to benefit your life, your community, our country, and our planet.  These products and services have accounted for the carbon footprint by enabling the development of zero-carbon energy infrastructure in the United States. 

The more direct actions individuals and businesses take such as fuel efficiency, reducing waste, using less and recycling more, the better

Clearloop is here to help corporations turn their remaining corporate carbon emissions into clean energy that we can all enjoy here in the United States. 

How does Clearloop prove that it’s legit in the carbon markets and meet all the tests of additionality, permanency, conservativeness, etc?

Clearloop is a true evolution from the legacy climate solutions. We’ve taken the learnings to ensure that clean energy capacity is matched to the carbon emissions it is cleaning up from the electricity grid. But, don’t just take it from us. Here is long-time energy and carbon market expert Lars Kvale discussing how the Clearloop program is not only solid technically, but it also improves on the carbon solutionsthat have existed for years, giving corporate climate solution buyers greater assurance and transparency around the direct positive impact they are having by decarbonizing the electricity grid.

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How does Clearloop determine where solar projects should be built?

Clearloop has pioneered the use of emissionality to compare the impact of renewable energy projects on driving down emissions in determining where new solar generation can displace the most carbon. 

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