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Clearloop Clean Energy Project Jackson, TN
Clearloop in Puryear, TN

Working together to expand access to clean energy in communities that can benefit the most

Impact in Action
Aerial Photo of Solar Project in Puryear, TN

A unique partnership making an impact.

1 Million Watts

Clearloop has partnered with Rivian to support the development of 1 megawatt (MW) of the 6.75MWac, 80-acre Paris Solar Farm-Puryear. Rivian’s 1MW portion of the Paris Solar Farm-Puryear is expected to annually generate more renewable energy than is needed to power all Rivian Waypoints chargers across Tennessee. This innovative partnership also supports local power companies with access to renewable energy through the Tennessee Valley Authority.

60 million pounds of carbon

Reclaim 60 million pounds of carbon. Not only will this project result in clean energy construction jobs, the investment in infrastructure often results in the biggest tax infusion for a community in generations.

200 Homes

Generate electricity to power 200 homes over 40 years. We’re intentionally investing so that communities don’t have to make a trade-off between economic investment and the environmental, health and social benefits of clean energy.

See what’s happening right now

A live look at how we’re generating renewable energy and expanding access to clean energy in Henry County, TN

The Paris Solar Project at work

Watch us move the needle towards producing clean energy in Henry County! As our project generates solar energy, it will help prevent more than 60 million pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

Working together to clean up the grid, one community at a time.

Our first solar project, we’re excited to help expand access to clean energy in our home state by working with companies of all sizes to clean up the electricity grid in Jackson, TN.

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Why We’ve Invested in Jackson, TN

Jackson, TN ties the largely rural communities between Memphis and Nashville together and serves as the hub for all commerce, healthcare, and education for the area. The Jackson community is diverse, with nearly half of the population identifying as African American. Though it’s been identified as a Distressed Community by the Economic Innovation Group, the city is already embracing the economic and health benefits of the clean energy economy.

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The Clearloop solar project site is located in an industrial area of the county across the road from the Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Jackson which will be a key component in the creation of a local workforce development program for electricians and other trades in the area that will be prepared to join the clean energy economy.

In Jackson specifically, 37 watts reclaim 1 metric ton of carbon (CO2) based on the grid dirtiness. The project, which will guarantee clean energy to the community for the next 40 years, is slated to break ground on September 2, 2021, and generate clean electricity by July 1, 2022.

Our electricity is dirty

Turning on something as simple as a light switch has a more drastic impact in Jackson than in other parts of the country. In Jackson, 1038.60 lbs of carbon (CO2) are currently emitted per Megawatt Hour (MwH) of electricity generated. Compare that to California, where the exact same activity releases 786 lbs of C02 per MegaWatt Hour.  By expanding access to clean energy, we are narrowing this disparity across the country, one community at a time.

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The impact of flipping the lights depends on where you live

Currently, a big part of Tennessee’s electricity is generated by fossil fuels, which create pollution and have a negative impact on the environment. By investing in solar capacity and expanding access to clean energy, we can clean up the grid and take advantage of our most abundant resource– the sun! Tennessee is a Sun Belt state, after all. 

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Investing in clean energy to boost economic development

The Distressed Communities Index (DCI) examines economic well-being at the zip code level in order to provide a detailed view of the divided landscape of American prosperity. While Jackson is distressed, the city is already embracing the economic and health benefits of the clean energy economy.

The Jackson community is diverse, with nearly half of the population identifying as African American.

50.5% Black or African American; 45.2% white, non-Hispanic; 1.8% Hispanic or Latino

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Innovation and partnership in Tennessee

Carving a New Path for More Impactful Corporate Renewable Procurement

Thank you to our partner Rivian for their support in providing renewable energy in the communities that can benefit the most.

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Watch our progress and get insights into it was like to construct the Jackson Project. 

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Clean Energy

Our Partners

We partner with companies of all sizes to rethink their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy.

It only takes 1 solar panel to offset ~26,000 lbs. of CO2.

Let’s do this. Join us in making carbon a relic of the past by investing in one of our upcoming projects. Use our calculator to input any number of solar panels, pounds of carbon, dollar amount, or number of watts you’d like to contribute to help us continue our mission to expand access to clean energy and clean up the US grid.

Individual Solar Panel

  • Invest: $153

  • Build: 435 watts of solar capacity

  • Reclaim: ~26,000 lbs. of CO2

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Annual Carbon Footprint*

  • Invest: $208

  • Build: 592 watts of solar capacity

  • Reclaim: ~35,000 lbs. of CO2

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Average American is 16 metric tons*

A fast-tracked project 



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Puryear, TN Solar Project Groundbreaking

Flip the Switch & “First Charge” Events


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“First Charge” Event

Rivian and Clearloop “First Charge” Event to Celebrate New EV Charging Site Powered by 100 Percent Carbon-Free Renewable Energy in Tennessee

Rivian and Clearloop Working Together to Make an Impact

“Driving system-wide change goes beyond just making corporate claims. Rivian is committed to enabling pathways for customers to sustainably charge their vehicles and contribute to a better planet. We see a tremendous opportunity to drive system-wide positive impact through projects like this one here in Tennessee. This is just the beginning of Rivian’s evolving approach to impact-focused renewable procurement and a case study for how creative collaborations like ours with Clearloop can expand clean energy and promote local communities in the Southeast.”

Andrew Peterman, Director of Renewable Energy at Rivian

“Rivian is setting a clear example for other companies on how decarbonization investments can play a role in economic development. We’re proud to work with forward-thinking communities like Henry County and corporate partners like Rivian to ensure that the innovation and benefits of new clean energy investments continue to benefit all corners of our country, starting with those right here at home.”

Laura Zapata, CEO and co-founder of Clearloop

So what happens if we put Clearloop’s Puryear, TN project in three different locations?

Across the country we have a very diverse “grid mix” that generates electricity in different ways. Some states burn more fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, while others turn to carbon-free sources like hydro and nuclear or carbon-free and renewable sources like solar and wind power plants. The mixture of technologies by which each state generates electricity determines its need for renewable energy. Clearloop uses emissionality, a quantitative measurement that compares the impact of renewable energy projects on driving down emissions, to determine where new solar generation can displace the most carbon, shifting the way corporate investments avoid and reduce carbon to achieve emissions reductions faster and more effectively.

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Our Next Project is in North Louisiana

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