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Our team wants to make sure that the innovation and benefits of renewable energy reach all communities around our country equally, starting with the communities in our own backyard that are getting left behind.

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Data & Reporting Analyst

Data & Reporting Analyst

Silicon Ranch is one of the nation’s leading developers, owners, and operators of utility scale solar energy plants with a mission to bring communities across the country low-cost, renewable energy, economic development, jobs, carbon solutions, and partnerships they can count on for the life of their solar projects. Clearloop is the growing carbon solutions platform for Silicon Ranch that partners with companies of all sizes to cut their carbon footprint by helping bring more solar projects online to decarbonize the grid in the communities around the country that can benefit the most. Clearloop is focused on getting a broad set of organizations across industries to use their climate dollars to clean up the grid and expand equitable access to clean energy in the United States.

We’re experiencing great demand for the tangible climate solution Clearloop offers and are looking for a driven professional to join our growing team as we work to usher in a just clean energy transition. If you’re ready to take your data analytics skills to help bring patterns to life and visualize complex topics into relatable and accessible charts to strengthen arguments, this is the role for you.

For this role you will be responsible for maintaining data systems and implementing processes and initiatives that increase the effectiveness and integrity of data reporting and documentation. This position is accountable for creating and maintaining reports and supporting data gathering and reporting for dashboards and other data visualization tools to communicate findings using Microsoft BI. The Data and Reporting Analyst requires a strong understanding of Business Intelligence, SQL, data sets and schemas with the ability to build data models in Microsoft BI, leveraging varying data sources, while adding logic to make the data more meaningful to internal and external stakeholders.

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