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Clearloop is here to accelerate the greening of the grid in partnership with companies of all sizes by investing in American communities where the greatest economic and environmental benefits can be achieved.

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Who we are

Our Roots

Clearloop was founded as a carbon solution by three Tennesseans who want to ensure that the environmental, health, and economic benefits of clean energy reach the communities that need them the most, beginning in our own backyard.

We’re harnessing the power of the private sector by working with organizations of all sizes, from global corporations to small businesses and educational institutions, to decarbonize the economy, expand access to clean energy, and accelerate the development of new solar projects in American communities where optimal economic and environmental benefits can be achieved. When a company partners with Clearloop to reclaim their carbon footprint, they’re taking responsibility for their emissions and helping to deploy new solar projects that clean up the grid by replacing fossil fuel power plants with carbon-free electricity.

A Silicon Ranch Company

We take lessons from our background in politics where individual actions looped together can be a powerful force. Clearloop amplifies the power of brands by turning individual everyday purchases into clean energy.

The electricity grid is the biggest, near-term opportunity we have to decarbonize our economy at scale. We need more companies to help us deploy more clean energy projects and we need to invest intentionally in communities traditionally left behind in order to have an equitable energy transition.

Clearloop was acquired by Silicon Ranch, one of the largest Independent Power Producers in the United States to help us deliver on that core promise at scale. Individually, our companies have pioneered innovations in the renewable energy and carbon markets.

Together, we will unlock even more innovation to support growing corporate climate ambitions and maximize the environmental, economic, and social impact of solar development for communities across our country. We fundamentally believe that we can make solar do more, for more communities. Product-by-product we can help clear out the carbon from the U.S electricity grid by 2050.

Clean Energy

Our Team


Laura Zapata

CEO & Co-Founder


Bob Corney

COO & Co-Founder

Winston Vaughan

Winston Vaughan

Head of Climate Policy


Emily Fairbank

Commercial Partnerships Manager

Brooke Ellis

Brooke Ellis

Carbon Inventory and Planning Manager

Karina Rovey

Karina Rovey

Community Partnerships

Kimani Coye

Kimani Coye

Community Partnerships


Gov. Phil Bredesen

Founding Chairman


Meram El Ramahi

Silicon Ranch VP of Marketing and Communications

“If we are successful, we will not only help brands and businesses reclaim their carbon footprints, but we will expand clean energy access to corners of our country that are often forgotten.”

CEO & Co-Founder

Laura Zapata

Clearloop Clean Energy Project

“We started Clearloop as total outsiders to the world of corporate sustainability, but with a deep passion to get in there, figure things out, and get things done. We’ve amassed some incredible support from academics, non-profits, companies, and just individuals who believe that we don’t have to sit around in despair–the beauty of climate action is that there’s room for bold, optimistic, and pragmatic solutions. Let’s dig in.”

Clearloop Clean Energy Project

What we offer

With Clearloop, companies are taking out the carbon they put in by building new solar projects that will help replace dirty electricity in communities across the U.S. These communities are getting left behind and don’t have access to clean energy.

Clearloop is here to help you. We can:

  1. Make it easy for companies to understand the offsetting process
  2. Replace the dirty electricity polluting our air
  3. Amplify brands with a clear and tangible purpose

All of these steps are focused on one goal: greening the U.S. grid.

Companies that sign up with Clearloop are certifying that their products and services have a 100% reclaimed carbon footprint™.

Clearloop Clean Energy Projects USA

Clearloop is disrupting the way clean energy projects are being built.

We’re facilitating the development of new solar projects in locations where they do the most good.

Lots of companies want to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and invest in new, clean energy projects that can help offset their environmental impact. But it can be hard, confusing, and expensive. Plus, there’s lots of paperwork to figure out the steps and if it’s all worth it.

Clearloop is here to simplify the process—making it easy for companies to replace the carbon intense electricity polluting our air while amplifying their brand towards a meaningful purpose: greening the U.S solar grid. We don’t just purchase energy off of existing solar projects, we build new ones.

Clearloop charges their partners a small fee based on a percentage of their product’s carbon footprint. Those funds are used to build the new solar projects in the middle of the U.S. where solar power is needed the most.

Clean Energy
Our Partners

We work with companies of all sizes to rethink their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy.

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We’re expanding access to clean energy

Clearloop focuses on expanding access to clean energy in parts of the country that need it most. Building solar energy projects in places like Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana removes more carbon from the grid than other states. We expand solar energy to places where it can do the most good.

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“We all have been guilty of thinking the climate crisis seems too big and complex for one person to have an impact.  The reality is, that with focus, we can.”

offset carbon footprint with Clearloop

“Aside from taking responsibility for recycling, energy conservation, and more sustainable living, our engagement with the brands we love and use every day can be harnessed to have a multiplying effect.  By reclaiming the carbon emissions of our purchases from the US electric grid, we can eliminate almost a third of all carbon emissions in the US economy.  This is among the greatest near term, large scale opportunities to make the US economy more sustainable and more resilient.  This is the foundation of Clearloop and we hope you and your favorite brands will join us on the journey.”

COO + Co-Founder

Bob Corney

Clearloop Clean Energy Projects USA
Why does this matter?

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Cutting through scopes 1, 2 & 3: 100% reclaimed carbon footprint®

Did you know that more than 75% of a product’s carbon footprint comes from outside of the company’s own direct operations? Depending on the product, the biggest emissions could come from either the initial production of raw material or from the transportation or refrigeration of the finished product. Unfortunately, companies have very few tools to help them tackle the biggest chunk of their carbon footprint. Clearloop is here to help.


Tackling the biggest target: U.S. electricity grid

The U.S electricity grid continues to be one of the greatest opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With higher demands on the grid from electric technologies—emissions are on the rise. Clearloop deliberately targets the greening of the grid to drive the fastest carbon reductions.


Opening the solar market to more companies

Today, many organizations are excluded from commissioning and participating in new solar projects. Clearloop wants to change that. We partner with organizations of all sizes, from global corporations to small businesses and educational institutions, to decarbonize the economy and accelerate the development of new solar projects in American communities where the greatest economic and environmental benefits can be achieved.

That is why Clearloop is working with companies to offset their carbon footprint by targeting and clearing the U.S. electrical grid. Clearloop is a transformative way for businesses to measurably clear greenhouse gas emissions while empowering their customers to use their purchasing power to accelerate the greening of the grid…one product at a time.

Reclaim your carbon footprint

Clearloop Clean Energy Project
Clearloop Clean Energy Project

“Together, we are going beyond traditional energy resourcing approaches and realizing the full potential of our solar projects.”

“By combining Silicon Ranch’s unparalleled solar development record with our industry-leading Regenerative Energy and Clearloop programs, we are integrating Agrovoltaics and innovative carbon solutions into the wider Silicon Ranch value proposition that will collectively work to modernize land use, expand access to clean energy, and deliver economic and social lift. This transformative approach unlocks renewable energy for customers and communities that previously had little to no access to the benefits of responsibly developed Solar Farms.”

Silicon Ranch Chief Operating Officer

Boris Schubert

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Our Next Project is in Arcadia, Louisiana

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