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Clearloop Planning to Decrease Carbon Footprint [Jackson Sun]

By Brandon Shields — Reporter, Jackson Sun

Impact Snacks, a company based in Boston that aims to make healthy snacks without producing pollution, announced this week its partnership with Clearloop, a Nashville-based startup that partners with businesses to build solar farms to help cut down on pollution.

Their partnership is benefiting Jackson as Clearloop plans to build its first megawatt-producing facility on the western edge of Jackson adjacent to Silicon Ranch’s facility near McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport and TCAT Jackson.

“We’re trying to partner with different businesses in a way similar to crowdfunding to build these facilities that would produce enough energy to power 200 homes in the Jackson area,” said Laura Zapata, the founder of Clearloop, who’s partners with former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen and Bob Corney. Zapata and Corney were on Bredesen’s staff as governor. “We all worked together when the governor ran for the Senate seat two years ago then we talked last year about how we could make a difference from the private sector. Clearloop came from that conversation.”

Clearloop’s mission is to help large and small businesses partner together to build facilities like solar farms to create clean energy and severely decrease their carbon footprint, if not eliminate it altogether.

“There are many ways we create a carbon footprint,” Zapata said. “One of the most basic ways is burning gasoline while driving your car for any reason.

“So we’re trying to transition to alternative fuel sources that don’t involve gasoline or other ways that burn fossil fuels.”

Impact Snacks is the first business to partner with Clearloop, and Zapata said they plan to announce more partnerships later in the year.

“Any businesses in Jackson who want to be a part of this is welcome to contact us and join in,” Zapata said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s $2,000, $200 or whatever.

“Every little bit helps because it helps get to the goal, which is to make the area of Jackson and West Tennessee cleaner for the environment.”

Any businesses interested in getting more information about Clearloop can log onto their website at clearloop.us for more information as well as contact information.

Groundbreaking for the facility is planned to start sometime in 2021.

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