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[Watch] Climate Week Fireside Chat: Accelerating the Greening of the Grid With Private Sector Innovation [Nest Summit]

Clearloop Co-Founder Phil Bredesen attended Climate Week virtually for a fireside chat at the Nest Summit. They discussed how Clearloop can help companies tackle climate change, and how our approach of crowdfunding new solar projects will lead to more companies getting involved in carbon offsets. This conversation looks at where the US electrical grid is, what we can do to improve it now, and where we can be in 50 years.

Highlights from the conversation:

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are relatively successful for only a small number of big companies able to make large investments over time. Clearloop can be a one-time transaction for companies of all sizes. This means that companies don’t have to sign 15-20 year contracts, enabling commitments from companies without having to bank on future realities.

The big story in the United States is the corporate sector stepping up to address this change. A lot of companies have made commitments to try to reduce greenhouse gasses. The private sector understands that it’s going to take all hands on deck to fight the climate crisis. Clearloop’s program provides access to all companies that are trying to tackle climate change.

A final key message that Phil Bredesen leaves us with is:

“It is not crazy to think that 50 years from now you could have an essentially carbon-free electrical generation process. It would take some technological improvements, with things like batteries. I don’t think there is another sector of the economy where you could say that with any clear path from getting from here to there.”

Together, we can build a brighter future for everyone.

Watch the video at the Nest Summit.


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