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Laura Zapata Interview on the Entrepreneurs for Impact podcast [Listen]

Listen to this Episode at the Entrepreneurs for Impact Podcast

Laura Zapata, Co-Founder and CEO of Clearloop was a guest on the Entrepreneurs for Impact podcast hosted by Dr. Chris Wedding.

🎙️ In this episode, they talk about:

What we all need to do to improve climate tech’s communication strategy to broaden the tent (btw, pop quiz: how many degrees Fahrenheit is 1.5 degrees Celsius?). Why working with renewables in the South can have more impact given the carbon intensity of the power grid. How Clearloop’s model of carbon offsets for corporates changes how renewable energy power plants are financed. The need to build a life, not just a career (and the joy of farmer’s markets).

How to get Taylor Swift to partner with Clearloop (half serious). What she learned by working at Uber in a “move fast and break things” mentality. Having the former Governor of Tennessee as a cofounder (a first for our podcast). How to move from being an intrapreneur with Uber Eats to an entrepreneur. The importance of being optimistic.

And lots more!

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