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Corporate Gifts that Keep On Giving: Coolperx Partners with Clearloop to Turn Half a Million Pounds of Carbon into Clean Energy

“Where did I put my mask?”

It’s a question each of us began asking ourselves each time we left the house as public health experts learned more about how to slow the spread of COVID-19. Suddenly, grabbing a face mask was more important than grabbing our keys, phone, or wallet.

Yet if treated poorly, this symbol of good hygiene could soon litter out streets, gutters, and sewers, undermining our efforts to fight pollution. It’s become paramount to reuse washable face masks to respond to both the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis.

The folks at Coolperx wondered, how could they sell face masks to their corporate clients– many of them big tech companies making climate action pledges of their own– that are not only reusable, but also result in a net-positive for our environment? 

The First Face Mask with a 100% Reclaimed Carbon Footprint

Coolperx, the first carbon-neutral corporate gifting agency, has been on a mission to help businesses to form meaningful and lasting relationships with their employees or customers with little to no impact on the earth. That’s why Coolperx is partnering with Clearloop to reclaim more than half a million pounds of CO2 (551,250 lbs to be exact) by building 21 new solar panels that will expand access to clean energy in Jackson, Tennessee. At launch, Coolperx is adding almost 10,000 watts to Clearloop’s 1 million watt goal for their first project in Jackson.

By partnering with Clearloop, Coolperx is certifying that its products have a 100% reclaimed carbon footprint — so whether they are selling masks, jackets, or other swag — these are gifts that keeps on giving clean energy. 

28,675 Commuter Face Masks = 1 solar panel

How it Works

  1. Measure: Coolperx already did the hard part of sourcing products that last and don’t harm our world, but also worked with carbon accounting experts to measure the carbon footprint (Life Cycle Analysis or LCA) of its products and determined that it would commit to reclaiming more than half a million pounds of CO2.
  1. Reclaim: Coolperx pays a fee per pound of carbon (CO2) to offset or “reclaim” its carbon footprint and build new solar capacity — measured in watts — in a community in the United States that would otherwise not have access to clean energy. Coolperx has committed to reclaiming more than half a million pounds of CO2 (551,250 lbs).

Cradle to Gate Carbon Footprint Life Cycle Analysis: from raw materials to shipment to customer

  • Commuter Face Mask: 0.90 lbs. CO2⇒ 0.02 watts
    • Nano-Tech Face Mask: 0.51 lbs. CO2 ⇒ 0.01 watts
    • Marmot Variant Jacket and Vest: 30.52 lbs CO2 ⇒ 0.51 watts
    • Marmot Tempo Jacket: 28.69 lbs. CO2⇒ 0.48 watts
    • MiiR Insulated Pint Tumbler: 9.31 lbs. CO2⇒ 0.16 watts
  1. Track: Coolperx will be adding new solar capacity in Jackson, TN where 37 watts of new solar reclaims 1 metric ton CO2 from the electricity grid. Coolperx’s commitment to reclaim more than half a million pounds of CO2 (551,250 lbs) will finance 21 new solar panels.
  • 28,675 Commuter Face Masks = 1 solar panel
  • 51,116 Nano-Tech Face Masks= 1 solar panel
  • 849 Marmot Variant Jacket and Vests = 1 solar panel
  • 904 Marmot Tempo Jackets= 1 solar panel
  • 2,786 MiiR Insulated Pint Tumblers = 1 solar panel

Everyday Purchases (even gifts!) Turning into Clean Energy

Clearloop helps companies offset – or reclaim – their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy across the United States by building new solar projects. Companies like Coolperx measure their carbon footprint and Clearloop helps offset it by building new solar capacity that will clean up that much carbon from the U.S. electricity grid at utility-scale.

Location, Location, Location: Building Where it Matters Most

Coolperx will be adding new solar capacity in Jackson, Tennessee, where 551,250 lbs CO2 will create 21 new solar panels. Coolperx is joining Clearloop’s community of small and mid-size businesses that are building 1 million new watts of solar capacity that will expand access to clean energy to 200 hundreds homes in Jackson, TN.

Get in the Loop

We want to multiply the impact of everyday actions – like buying eco-friendly gifts from Coolperx – to help slash greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that communities across the country have equal access to clean energy and don’t get left behind.

We’re ready to get to work with businesses big and small to clean up our electricity grid. If you think your company is interested in getting involved, reach out here or drop us a line at hello@clearloop.us

For media inquiries, please reach out to Press@Clearloop.us.

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