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Turning Everyday Snacking Into Clean Energy: Clearloop Helps Impact Snacks Reclaim 100% of Carbon Footprint at Launch

When we first set out to create Clearloop, we had one crucial question: what’s the simplest way we can make a dent in our carbon emissions (the #1 cause of climate change)? We found out that the U.S. electricity is one of the country’s top polluters and is responsible for more than a quarter of the U.S. carbon footprint. With all of the talk on renewable energy investments we were a little shocked, but excited to get to work and accelerate the decarbonization of the grid. We created a new way for companies that want to offset their carbon footprint to do so by building more solar projects to replace dirty fossil fuels and expand access to clean energy across the country.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Impact Snacks, which launched its kickstarter campaign to offer 100% plant-based superfood bars today. Impact Snacks was founded by 2 people who believe the brands we support everyday can, and should, do more to be a part of the solution, not the problem. At the center of every decision made at Impact Snacks is a single concern: it must be positive for People & Planet. 

Impact Snacks bars launchig

100% Reclaimed Carbon Footprint 

Impact Snacks already did the hard work of making a product that’s both good for people and the planet. Next, they worked with carbon accounting experts to measure the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carbon footprint of its snack bars. Through their partnership with Clearloop, Impact Snacks has committed beyond its footprint to reclaim 1 lb. of CO2 per bar. 

Everyday Purchases Turning into Clean Energy

Clearloop helps companies offset – or reclaim – their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy across the United States by building new solar projects. Companies, like Impact Snacks, measure their carbon footprint and Clearloop helps offset it by building new solar capacity that will clean up that much carbon from the U.S. electricity grid at utility-scale. Each Impact Snacks bar reclaimed by new solar creates the power to brew 6 pots of coffee, charge 38 iPhones, or toast 36 slices of bread.

1 Impact Snack Bar= 1 lb. CO2 = 1/100 of a watt built

Location, Location, Location: Building where it matters the most 

The Impact Snacks Community will be adding new solar capacity in Jackson, Tennessee, where 37 watts of new solar reclaims 1 metric ton (2,205 lbs.) CO2 from the electricity grid. The size of the project will be determined by the number of carbon footprints the Impact Community signs up to reclaim. We’re crowdfunding Impact.

Clearloop logo on Impact Snacks bar

Get in the Loop 

We want to multiply the impact of everyday actions – like buying an Impact Snacks bar – to help slash greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that communities across the country have equal access to clean energy and don’t get left behind. 


Want to learn more about how to offset your carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy with Clearloop? Drop us a note at hello@clearloop.us or contact us here.

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