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7 Reasons Solar Power is Such a Hot Topic

It’s easy to think of reasons why people love the sun. It gives you warmth, it’s responsible for bright, beautiful days and it gives you all the vitamin D you need to stay happy and healthy. Plus, summer is stocked with sun-filled days and that means vacations, pool parties, and cookouts. 

Here at Clearloop, we’re big fans of not only the sun but solar energy as well, and we’ve got a list of reasons to back it up.  

1. Its an Abundant Resource 

Solar power comes with plenty of benefits and let’s start with the biggest one.

Solar power is the most abundant source of energy on Earth. It’s one of the cleanest, most sustainable, and naturally renewable resources in the world. And best of all – it’s inexhaustible! Even on cloudy days the suns rays reach the Earth. Therefore, it’s not subject to any sort of fluctuations in the market or speculations from economists. Our planet does revolve around the sun after all. 

2. Creates Clean Energy 

Generating solar power produces zero carbon emissions, meaning it’s pollution-free clean energy — that’s a win-win situation. Although you may not see evidence on a day-to-day basis, the electricity you consume likely comes from an electric grid fueled by dirty coal that’s polluting our communities and our planet. 

Right now, sadly, we’re still dependent on burning fossil fuels that emit large amounts of carbon dioxide and other nasty greenhouse gases (which is the number one reason we have climate changeto create electricity. We now have solar technology to make that fossil fuel dependency a relic of the past.  

3. Invests in Underutilized Land 

Utility-scale solar makevaluable use of underutilized land. Outside of cities, the country imade up of vast open spaces that could use our investmentThese communities are ideal for expanding solar capacity especially if can we incorporate Regenerative Energywhich helps restore the land by allowing animals to graze through solar projects, naturally trimming the grass and returning the soil to its natural, healthy state.

Big shoutout to Silicon Ranch for leading the way and pioneering this innovative land-management practice. Plus, chickens and sheep are cute! 

4. Stimulates Economic Growth 

By investing in and building new solar infrastructure to replace old and outdated coal and natural gas power plants, we’re providing jobs to workers around the country and a tax base for the community the solar project is built in. That’s what is behind the #BuildBackBetter movement – to rebuild our country’s infrastructure with better, cleaner technology and support one of the fastest-growing jobs in AmericaWho wouldn’t want to create jobs and establish a tax base while cleaning up the U.S. electricity grid?!  

5. Comes at a Low Price 

Its no surprise that sunlight is free of charge. However, some people are under the assumption that solar power is costlyNo

While solar energy does have an upfront cost, maintenance over time is quite affordable. According to the Energy Information AdministrationEIA, the price of utility-scale solar photovoltaics (or panels) has plummeted more than 10% every year since 2010 and is expected to keep falling. We’re here to make sure everyone knows: Any company in the United States—big or small—can help pitch in! 

6. Expands Access to Affordable Electricity  

The demand for power is at its peak between 10 AM and 4 PM every day, which is when most people are working and the electricity bills are the highest. However, solar energy is able to match the high demand because that’s when the sun is most powerful. 

While the sun may shine equally on us all, we don’t all have equal access to clean energy in the United StatesLess than 2% of the electricity we use in our country comes from solar sources, while the rest of the electricity we use is dominated by fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. By building more utility-scale solar projects, we’ll start cleaning up the grid in communities that need it most and continue slashing the price of electricity for all Americans. 

7. It’Scalable and Permanent 

From rooftop panels to acres of farmlandsolar projects are a viable replacement for electricity generation anywhere. Its one of the few technologies in which your investment is a direct function of size and generating capacity. Breakthroughs that were previously thought to be impossible are now getting started with more attention and funding heading towards the renewable energy sector.

The best news is that as we build more solar capacity, there are hundreds of researchers and engineers working on new storage technology to ensure that we can use the power of the sun 24/7—rain or shine!  

Sunshine is the best disinfectant to clean up our dirty grid  

Now can you see why we love solar so much? This is why Clearloop is focused on partnering with companies to invest in building more utility-scale solar capacity across the United States. Companies that partner with us are reclaiming their carbon footprint by funding new solar projects that will replace fossil fuel plants – like coal and natural gas – making zero-carbon electricity available for all to enjoy, worry-free.    


Want more information on reclaiming your carbon footprint? Drop us a note on hello@clearloop.us or contact us here to learn more.

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