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[WATCH] Building Equitable Access to Clean Energy in America

Co-Founder Laura joins Urban Green Lab for a roundtable discussion with Yesenia Rivera of Solar United Neighbors, Jason Carney of Energy Electives, and Dana Clare Redden of Solar Concierge. They talk about how more work needs to be done to expand access to clean energy to all communities in America.

For the economics – what results from building a solar project at the utility level scale is often the largest investment that these communities have had in generations.

Laura Zapata – Clearloop Co-Founder

Clean Energy and Economic Development

Clean energy investments in disadvantaged communities can rejuvenate economies. This comes from several different factors such as the construction of the project, ongoing maintenance of the project, but also the increase in tax revenues for the city.

Construction of the project brings jobs and interest from companies to move to the newly energized community. Ongoing maintenance of a solar project brings higher paid jobs. The solar project that is developed in a community will continue to operate for the next 40 years, providing a tax base solid tax basis for these communities.

If companies are going to offset their carbon footprint, we should also encourage them to expand clean energy in more equitable ways.

Laura Zapata – Clearloop Co-Founder

By spreading out the investment of solar energy across the country, we make sure that the development of solar is more equitable to the whole US population.

Through our research, we have identified areas of America that have the most carbon intense grids. Often, they are the same areas that are in need of economic development as determined by the US Treasury. By combining these two important attributes, we can make investments in communities that need it most while making the largest impact on the carbon emissions. 


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