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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Reclaim its Carbon Footprint [WATCH]

Companies across the country have made plenty of climate commitments. Now they’re trying to figure out how to stick to them. After minimizing the amount of carbon emissions a business produces in-house, there will still be a leftover carbon impact that can’t be reduced. That’s where carbon offsets come in.

There are many different reasons that companies decide to reclaim their carbon footprint. There’s the direct impact on our environment of course, but reclaiming your company’s carbon footprint can have a lot of other benefits you may not have thought of. Let’s dig in.

1. Your company needs the environment it operates in

Okay, so we’re starting off easy. If climate change continues at the rate it’s going, your business is likely going to have to rethink its operating strategy. Every business from agriculture to the tech industry relies on our ecosystem remaining relatively steady. An investment in the environment is an investment in your company.

2. Your internal team could get stronger

The best and brightest employees are looking for more than just a good salary and benefits package. Employees now want to be proud of the work they do for an ethical company that cares about more than their own bottom line.  Some of the country’s largest corporations (think Google and Amazon) have made climate commitments after employees demanded it, but there’s an opportunity to be proactive.

3. You can help expand access to clean energy

Clean energy isn’t distributed equally across the U.S. If you turn on your lights in Tennessee, for example, you’re using different energy sources than if you turned them on in California. Renewable energy shouldn’t be a luxury saved for certain parts of the country. We focus on building clean energy in areas that have the most carbon intense grid, so by cleaning it up you can have an impact on more than just your climate commitment, but also the well being of areas that rely heavily on fossil fuels.

4. It can help the community you operate in flourish

At Clearloop, we focus on building new solar in the communities across America that are getting left behind, and the communities that are close to our partner’s facilities. Many times, a solar farm will become the largest tax payer in a small community the day it opens. Not only can this allow the county to build and upgrade needed services, but it can also help attract new business to the area. 

5. Your customer base could grow

Going green is in. As of 2019, a majority of consumers are voting with their dollar and getting behind companies that put the environment first. Not only would those consumers change their buying behavior, but many are willing to pay more for a product that was earth friendly. What more could a business ask for?

There are plenty of reasons to consider reclaiming your company’s carbon footprint.  Some are altruistic and some are all about the bottom line. Whatever the reason, Clearloop is here to help make climate action easy.


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