100% reclaimed carbon footprint®


Cleaning Up the Grid in Jackson, TN

We’re over the moon (and sun) to  announce that we’ve reached our 1 million watt goal thanks to brands big and small, like Coolperx, Intuit, Vista Equity Partners, Dropps®, Impact Snacks ♻️, Hello Bello, Patch, Aether Diamonds, Material Bank® and individuals like singer song-writer Jason Isbell, author Stacy Clark and many others from around the country who invested in our #EarthDay campaign to make carbon a relic of the past. All of these folks banded together to reclaim their carbon footprint, clean up the electricity grid, and expand access to clean energy in America.

RSVP button: https://events.blackbirdrsvp.com/clearloop-groundbreaking 

To celebrate, we’ll be hosting a groundbreaking celebration at the location of our first solar site in Jackson, TN, and you’re invited! Our friends and partners at Sheeco have worked tirelessly alongside our own interns and permanent staff to plan an exciting and sustainable event for you to enjoy. 

RSVP button: https://events.blackbirdrsvp.com/clearloop-groundbreaking 

Join us on Thursday, September 2nd from 5-7pm CST at 2469 Technology Center Drive as we celebrate the start of 40 years of clean energy and get started on making carbon a relic of the past.

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