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Eco-Warriors Podcast | Sustainability, Environmentalism, Conservation [Listen]

Laura Zapata is the CEO and Co-Founder of Clearloop, a company that helps businesses of any size reduce their carbon footprint by building clean energy infrastructure for projects on the grid. Laura’s goal is to make coal-powered grids a thing of the past – she’s doing this through carbon credits funded by companies who want to reduce their environmental impact. In this inspiring episode, learn about Laura’s unique approach to cleaning up our energy sources. — If the content we make here at Trash Talking with Eco-Warriors makes an impact on you, become a sponsor! Visit anchor.fm/trashtalking and click on the link to “Support This Podcast.” For as little as $2.99, the cost of a cup of coffee, you can help support the stories we share and help spur more eco-warriors into action. Join the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Support us by subscribing, reviewing, and sharing this podcast with others.

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