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Chicory Wealth Joins Clearloop’s Panola County Solar Project

Clearloop Logo and Chicory Wealth Logo with Cleaning Up the Grid Together TextChicory Wealth’s support for Clearloop’s Panola County solar project will help provide clean energy, promote economic growth and create jobs in the region

Clearloop is proud to partner with Chicory Wealth to support the expansion of renewable energy in Panola County, MS. Clearloop is introducing two new solar projects into the region, which will begin providing clean energy for residents and businesses in 2024. Chicory Wealth’s support will remove over 237,000 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere and help increase equitable access to clean energy.

Chicory Wealth, a holistic Financial Life Planning company, has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and ESG investments. As a Certified B Corp, they joined the B Corp Climate Collective in 2022 and made the SME Climate Commitment to work to become carbon neutral.

Although Chicory Wealth is an all-virtual company, they recognize they have a carbon footprint. Each of their employees works in a home office that consumes energy. They also travel to work-related events and meetings, hold events for their clients, and purchase supplies, all of which contribute to their carbon footprint.

The Chicory Wealth team worked with the Clearloop team to calculate their carbon footprint and based on those calculations can now displace the equivalent amount of carbon from traditional electricity production. For more insight into how carbon emissions were calculated and how Clearloop works to offset these emissions, click here to read Chicory Wealth’s recent blog post.

Chicory Wealth has also created a webpage dedicated to their work with Clearlooop. Learn more about the Clearloop Panola County project here.

About Chicory Wealth

Chicory Wealth provides holistic Financial Life Planning services to individuals and nonprofit organizations across the country, and is a fee only practice. Their planning engagements cover cash flow management, insurance analysis, education planning, tax planning, estate planning, investments, retirement distribution planning, and charitable giving. Their investment strategies are centered on sustainable and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) screened investments.

About Clearloop

Clearloop, a Silicon Ranch company, partners with companies of all sizes to meet ambitious ESG goals by reclaiming their carbon footprint, expanding access to clean energy, and decarbonizing the grid through the construction of new solar projects in American communities otherwise getting left behind. The two Panola County solar ranches demonstrate Clearloop’s rapid growth, taking the renewables pioneer from 1MW in solar investments to more than 10MW in just under a year. The company broke ground on its first carbon-offset funded solar ranch, a 1MW project in Jackson, TN, last fall; and recently announced a 1MW project in Paris, TN, funded by EV maker Rivian in exchange for renewable energy credits. Clearloop plans to announce a new project in the Appalachian region before the end of the year. 

Become a climate action leader in your community as you build your business and expand your brand. We can help you tackle your carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy with new solar projects, that help replace polluting fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. 

To learn more about how to offset your carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy with Clearloop, drop us a note at hello@clearloop.us or contact us here.

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