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Speaking Human-First Podcast: Making Climate Investment Inclusive and Accessible [Listen]

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Laura Zapata didn’t see anyone who looks, thinks, or talks like her in the renewable energy space, so she put herself there.

Co-founder and CEO of Clearloop, Laura helps small and mid-sized businesses offset their carbon footprint by investing in solar projects in American communities where the greatest economic and environmental benefits can be achieved.

Today Laura is sharing her mission to bring more people into the conversation about climate action, her journey through multiple careers, and how leaning into her unique voice, ideas and lived experience has enabled success.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Clearloop tackles the twofold issue of offsetting carbon emissions and bringing clean energy to underserved areas
  • How Clearloop determines where they build solar projects
  • Why renewable energy is a social justice and equity issue
  • How Clearloop gets communities on board and involved in their projects
  • How Laura’s varied career experiences shape how she builds trust and relationships as a CEO
  • How Laura crafts communications that meet people where they are to bring them into the conversation about climate action

For media inquiries, please reach out to Press@Clearloop.us. If your company is interested in getting involved, drop us a line at hello@clearloop.us or schedule a meeting now.

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