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[Watch] Solar in the Shadows: Expanding Access to Clean Energy in Forgotten America

How does where you live in the US impact the number of carbon emissions that are produced when you turn on a light bulb? Research conducted by Clearloop, Downstream Strategies, and WattTime addresses this and other complicated issues surrounding access to clean energy generation and carbon emissions in the video below. Our goal with this research is: expanding access to clean energy across the US. We invite you to watch this highly informative panel discussing the US electricity grid and how, together, we can build a brighter future.

Key Highlights

Smaller companies have the flexibility to create new innovations. Clearloop is doing this by creating a new way of financing solar development that allows medium and small businesses the same access to carbon offsets as large blue-chip corporations.

“Decarbonizing the grid is something that is a very effective way of cutting down greenhouse gas emissions”

Phil Bredesen, Fmr. Governor of Tennessee and Clearloop Co-Founder

The solar development done by clearloop is specifically targeting the most carbon intense parts of the US electrical grid. This maximizes the carbon that is offset by new solar developments.

“Private sector innovation has really helped increase the demand for clean energy growth in this country”

Laura Zapata, Clearloop Co-founder

The US is known for its entrepreneurial attitude and the private sector is helping lead the charge on climate change. Clearloop is providing an added boost to the private sector’s demand for clean energy by reducing the financial burdens for small and medium-sized businesses that want to participate in the clean energy revolution.

“Good news – in fact, there is a lot of real interest from large and increasingly all companies of all size in reducing their carbon footprints.”

“We see a lot of companies struggling to get access to the renewables that they seek. Those are renewables with additionality attributes.”

Professor Zdravka Tzankova

By lowering the barriers to entry for small and medium-sized businesses, Clearloop is addressing the issue of access to renewables that Professor Tzankova has found in her research. Reducing this barrier to entry will help in expanding access to clean energy for the country.

Michael Vandenburg – Vanderbilt University Law Professor
Phil Bredesen – Former Tennessee Governor
Joey James – Downstream Strategies
Henry Richardson – WattTime
Zdravka Tzankova – Vanderbilt University Professor
Laura Zapata – Clearloop Co-Founder

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