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[Watch] Clearloop is Cleaning up the American Grid

Investing in a clean energy grid for all

The United States energy grid is a ready-made opportunity for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The current electricity grid represents 27% of all carbon emissions in this country. We have the tools and technology we need to tackle emissions in this sector. By building new solar projects, especially in areas with the most reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation, Clearloop is able to reduce that dependency on fossil fuels and build a sustainable energy grid for the future.

Let’s try to figure out a way to get companies that have a desire to do something about their impact on the environment and focus their investments in the middle part of the country [to decarbonize the carbon intense parts of the grid].

Laura Zapata – Co-Founder of Clearloop

Carbon Impact of the Electricity Grid

Clearloop has partnered with research universities, non-profits, and companies like WattTime to help measure the carbon footprint of the electricity grid. Using this data we created a whitepaper that compares the parts of the country that have the most carbon intense grids with the communities that receive the most sun, mapping out the best places in the United States to build solar power. Overly that with economic opportunity zones, and by cleaning up or grid we can also aid the communities in America that are getting left behind.

We’ve made “Solar in the Shadows: Expanding Access to Clean Energy in Forgotten America” public. We’re going to need all hands on deck to decarbonize the grid in the race against climate change, and armed with this knowledge we can make the biggest impact for our buck.


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