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Charging up for the Year Ahead in Solar Energy

It’s common practice to spend the month of December taking stock of the year that has passed. In 2020, we’re joining the rest of the world in putting this year behind us, and gearing up for the year to come. While 2020 was a year marked with great loss, it was also a year of neighbors helping neighbors. We’re finding new ways to connect virtually, and learning to appreciate the small moments of joy along the way. We also saw a growing number of companies making ambitious climate commitments this year– showing the private sector is ready to take charge and tackle the climate problem head on. 

We’re prepared to make 2021 the year of climate *action*. 

At Clearloop, we also had to find ways to be resilient in 2020–building a startup in the middle of a pandemic was new to us!  But we found ways to keep highlighting the important stuff like the fact that everyone in our country deserves access to clean energy and we need the help of companies big and small to get us there. We brought attention to the fact that it shouldn’t matter where you live or how big your company is– we all have a chance to clean up the grid by investing in communities getting left behind.   

So here’s to being resilient in the face of crisis, but also rolling up our sleeves and getting things done! 

Participated in our first Climate Week

2021 climate action clean energy week Clearloop

In September, we joined Climate Week and National Clean Energy Week for panels to discuss what we love most – clean energy! We also released our research with WattTime and Downstream Strategies that shows how clean energy can bring investment to the communities in America that are getting left behind. Talk about fueling the fire of change!

Unveiled our first project

Clearloop team climate action 2021

Located in Jackson, Tennessee we’re excited to be bringing more solar energy to our home state.  Our first solar facility will generate enough energy to power 200 homes (1 million watts), and provide jobs and tax revenue in the surrounding area.  We’re glad to be breaking ground on this project in June 2021, and can’t wait to announce more projects to come.

Signed our first clients

Clearloop team climate action 2021 partners

In the last year, the Clearloop family welcomed Impact Snacks, a snack company that puts the planet first and is reclaiming more carbon than they generate.  In October, Coolperx joined the family, becoming the first carbon neutral corporate gifting agency through our partnership. Thanks to these partnerships, we’re well on our way to building our first solar farm in West Tennessee!

Participated in our first Yale Panel

Green Innovation in Coal Country: Yale Center for Business and the Environment Webinar

Discussing the opportunity for renewable energy jobs in areas that are dominated by coal, Clearloop brought attention to forgotten America with experts in a pandemic-friendly, open to the public panel.  The innovations available for these areas could not only improve air quality, but also provide economic stimulus to the community and its inhabitants.

Met our first sheep

Clearloop seeing solar and regenerative energy in action climate action 2021

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t just end with reducing carbon emissions through the grid. We are also using regenerative energy at our projects by allowing sheep to graze around the solar panels, reducing the need for gas-powered equipment normally used for land maintenance, and ensuring the soil stays where it belongs and continues to store carbon. 

Charging up for the year ahead

While 2020 has been hard, we’re looking forward to the rays of sunshine 2021 will bring. If you’d like to keep up with us, sign up for our newsletter.

We still have space in our upcoming Jackson project. If you’re a small or medium-sized company ready to start your carbon offsetting journey, we’d love to talk with you! Sign up for a meeting with us today


Want to learn more about how to offset your carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy with Clearloop? Drop us a note at hello@clearloop.us or contact us here.

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