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[WATCH] Tracking how new solar projects clean up the grid just got a whole lot easier

Clearloop and WattTime announced a formal partnership this month, with the goal using machine learning to match how much carbon is avoided by Clearloop’s solar projects as they come online, increasing transparency in climate action. WattTime has developed algorithms that match carbon emissions with power generation and will be applying that technology to track the carbon emissions Clearloop’s solar projects are reclaiming in realtime.

Co-founders Gavin McCormick (WattTime) and Laura Zapata (Clearloop) sit down together (well, pretty far apart, actually) to talk about their new partnership. They dive into what this new tracking will mean for future solar development efforts, how it can be a boon for both companies and communities, and where they see the partnership going in the future.

This isn’t the first time that WattTime and Clearloop have teamed up. Near Clearloop’s inception, the pair of co-founders got together to map out the best parts of America to build new solar capacity. That research showed that not all solar energy is created equal, and by building new solar capacity in the parts of America with the most carbon intense grid, solar investments can get the biggest bang for their buck. By embracing WattTime’s emmisionality concept, companies reclaiming their carbon can maximize the benefits of their investment to clean up the grid.  

This formal partnership will allow companies that reclaim the carbon footprint to watch their dollars at work, cleaning up the grid as we build more solar capacity to expand access to clean energy across the United States. 

Gavin McCormick began at UC Berkeley as a PhD student interested in the influence of all renewable energy sources, from solar panels to wind turbines. While at Berkeley, Gavin became fascinated with the future of renewable energy and the ways it impacted local businesses. This inspired the founding of WattTime. WattTime is a nonprofit centered around answering the primary question, “how clean is the electricity I’m using right now”? They are dedicated to giving everyone everywhere the power to choose clean energy.


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