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Teaming Up to Put Carbon on Ice

We’re thrilled to team up with our hometown’s very own NHL team, the Nashville Predators, to help make carbon a relic of the past and spread some sunshine in Tennessee.

This Earth Week through May 22, anyone can score their very own solar panel and help us reach 1 million watts of new solar at our project in Jackson, Tennessee, talk about a power play! 

Smashville fans who reclaim their carbon footprint and put their name on a solar panel can also make a donation to the Preds Foundation, supporting numerous local organizations throughout Tennessee. 

The Hometown Team Cleaning up Tennessee’s Grid

It takes 60 watts to power the average lightbulb. Our Jackson, TN solar project will have 1 million watts of clean electricity – enough to expand access to clean energy to 200 homes right here in our home state. 

As a thank you, we’ll be offering Clearloop time capsules to the first 50 people who reclaim their carbon footprint by buying their own solar panel to show how we’re making carbon a relic of the past.

Stand with us to put Carbon in the Penalty Box 

Clearloop partners with companies big and small to reclaim their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy by cleaning up the grid (no zamboni needed) with the construction of new solar capacity in American communities otherwise getting left behind. Clearloop was founded by three Tennesseans (and preds fans) who want to ensure that the innovation and benefits of new clean energy investments reaches all communities around our country equally, starting with the communities in our own backyard that are getting left behind. 

Right now solar sources only generate 0.4% of electricity in our state, so we’re here to spread the sunshine and put carbon on ice – and send it to the penalty box. 

The Predators Foundation donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to local charities and programs in Tennessee every season. Any group can apply if their mission is to benefit Tennessee youth and their families.

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