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Reclaim Your Carbon Footprint, Claim Your Solar Panel

Today’s the Day (Earth Day, that is)

We’re kicking off our Earth Day post this year with a riddle: What do an NHL team, a Fortune 500 company, a SWAG startup, a direct to consumer laundry brand, and YOU have in common?

The combination of all of those seemingly random things is coming together to help Clearloop fund our very first solar project to clean up the grid and expand access to clean energy in our home state of Tennessee.

Even as we’re all still reeling from what our world experienced over the past year, we’re trying to brighten up this Earth Day with some real deal Climate Action. Yes, we may have jumped on the Gen-Z bandwagon and joined TikTok, but we’re also taking serious action, going from concept to reality and breaking ground on our first solar project this year.  

That’s right two year old Clearloop is in the United States Congressional record 

This week, as part of his Congressional testimony Clearloop’s Chairman of the Board and former Tennessee Governor announced that Silicon Valley based Intuit, Philadelphia’s Dropps, Seattle’s CoolPerx, and Nashville’s NHL team, the Nashville Predators are partnering with us to help fund the construction of a solar project in Jackson, Tennessee. A city nestled in between Memphis and Nashville and at the heart of rural west Tennessee. 

Making Carbon A Relic of The Past

If you’re a get-things-done sort of person, we invite you to celebrate Earth Day with us by helping us reach our goal for our first project. Whether you put your name on a solar panel, offset your carbon footprint for the year, or just contribute a couple of watts to our 1 million goal. 

The investment today will help fund new solar capacity (measured in watts) that will help clean up the grid for the next 40 years (sunshine is the best disinfectant after all!). 

We made time capsule kits to shine a bright spotlight on our Earth Day campaign to make carbon a relic of the past and invited individuals to help us get to our goal of 1 million watts in Jackson, TN. The first 50 people who join us will get a time capsule kit to bury all of the things they want to also make relics of the past.

We hope that by Earth Day 2061, solar power will have its day in the sun and dirty energy will officially be a relic of the past.

Here’s a little more about how it works

  1. Calculate: Beginning Earth Week (April 19, 2021) any one will be able to input any number of solar panels, pounds of carbon, dollar amount, or number of watts, you’d like to contribute to help us reach 1 million watts.
  2. Reclaim: Make your individual contribution and help us clean up the grid
  3. Stay in the loop: You’ll be invited to be part of the groundbreaking ceremony in Jackson this summer, celebrate with us as we flip the switch at the end of the year
  4. Track: Check out your climate action at work as we clean up the grid and keep up with your solar panel for years to come

Breaking Through the Dark Days with A Ray of Sunshine 

I wrote my first Earth Day post last year to try to make sense of the situation we were in. The world was shutting down, just as our startup was getting started. I started from the post from the beginning, with Clearloop’s origin story. It went something like this.

“A Boomer, a Gen-Xer, and a Millennial walk into a bar…and come up with a new way to build more solar projects in the United States. That’s not the start of a joke, it’s the beginning of Clearloop.” 

And it wrapped with the vision for the future, both for Clearloop and for me personally. It went something like this: 

“We want to be a ray of sunshine at the end of this pandemic and have built a tool to get in there and help. For me personally–a Latina immigrant who grew up in Memphis–it’s particularly empowering. If Clearloop is successful, we will not only bust open doors for small and medium sized companies to invest in new utility scale-solar projects, we will also expand the reach of clean energy across our country, by investing in the communities that are often forgotten, and left behind.”

Shining On

We’re just getting started and have a long way to go, but what we’re proving with Clearloop is that companies of all sizes (and now individuals!) can take a direct climate action to help us build solar projects at scale in communities otherwise getting left behind. 

By being intentional about where we are building these solar projects, focusing on decarbonization, but also an emphasis on distressed communities, we can spur real economic investment and be part of building an equitable clean energy transition in America. We still fundamentally believe that the environmental, health, and economic  benefits of clean energy investments should reach all corners of our country. Period. 

If you’re part of a company that is ready to take direct climate action to decarbonize the grid, we’re ready to get to work. Set up a meeting here.

Let’s work together for sunnier days ahead! 

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