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Clearloop Grounbreaking [WNBJ]

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Jackson, TN.

Madison County is gaining a new renewable energy source Clearloop, celebrated the groundbreaking of its 1-megawatt solar farm, by showcasing the first-of-its-kind solar project that will generate enough electricity to power 200 homes in West Tennessee over the next 40 years.

CEO of Clearloop is excited to see her company grow. Laura Zapata (CEO of Clearloop) stated, “We wanted to make sure more communities around Tennessee and the South got a chance to have access to clean energy. Today we’re celebrating our very first solar project, thanks to a lot of partners that came through and helped us build this project.”

While this project will be a great source of solar energy for the Madison County area, the more diverse forms of renewable energy a county has it increases the appeal to large companies.

Kyle Spurgeon (Jackson Chamber of Commerce CEO/President) informed us, “It makes a Jackson Tennessee and a West Tennessee more attractive to fortune 500 companies and any company that have a renewable energy goal to meet.”

CEO of Clearloop went on the explain how this project will benefit the Madison County area. Laura Zapata (CEO of Clearloop) informed us, “As it grows more jobs, more economic development comes through the area. That’s what we’re celebrating today. We wanted to invite the community out to learn a little bit more about solar, to see the opportunity of job growth and job creation in Tennessee, and then to see the access to clean energy. We don’t have to give up our health to have access to clean energy.”

President of Tennessee College of Applied Technology is proud to partner with Clearloop to provide assistance with trained technicians. Jeff Sisk (president of Tennessee College of Applied Technology) stated, “As solar continues to grow in Tennessee in particular West Tennessee, they’re going to need trained technicians to work on the equipment. So- we’re going to do some short term on the job training with companies like Clearloop.”

Sponser of the Clearloop project explains her passion for more environmental projects like this one.

Stacy Clark (Author, Activist, Educator) “This is my latest book, my second book, it’s called planet power explore the word’s renewable energy. About how six renewable energies including solar power work. I like to feel like I can put my money where my mouth is I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great if the entire book could be carbon neutral. In other words, I bought enough solar panels here at the Clearloop project to offset the carbon load of this book.”

Clearloop Groundbreaking


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