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Here’s How Rivian Helps Some Americans Charge Their EVs With Renewable Energy [autoevolution]

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Rivian announced a new partnership with Clearloop. The EV maker remains bent on delivering more charging options for its customers but doesn’t forget about the need to protect the environment. So, here’s how it’s going to integrate renewable energy for its Waypoints network.

Rivian’s R1T and R1S have taken the U.S. battery-electric vehicle (BEV) market by storm. The pickup truck and the SUV attracted the praise of many, even though there were a couple of hiccups along the road. Some interior options had to change, the pricing was updated with disregard for pre-order holders, and now more configuration novelties are going to be implemented. Some customers who have waited years for their Rivian are not happy, but the company might try to do right by them after it figures out what’s happening with the larger battery pack and quad-motor powertrain.

Even with the nationwide recall of last year taken into account, Rivian is still doing a good job for a startup. It almost met its yearly delivery target and still has enough cash in its reserves to resist whatever the slowing car market might have to throw at it.

So, this new initiative makes sense. Rivian wants to follow in Tesla’s footsteps and offer buyers a way to charge their vehicles for free or under a preferential plan. Similarly, it would very much appreciate the revenue that can be brought in by other EV users who might want to use the company’s stalls. Even though it still has a long way to go to catch up to Tesla, the young automaker is making the right moves.

Rivian partnered up with Clearloop and invested in an 80-acre solar farm in Tennessee that’s capable of producing enough clean energy to power all the Rivian Waypoints stalls in the state and even more than that. The event that announced this new endeavor happened in Eiffel Tower Park, Paris, Tennessee. The City of Paris’ local administration also joined in on the effort.

But Clearloop does more than just install solar panels. It also measures the carbon footprint of its partners and can figure out when their carbon footprint is offset with the help of renewable energy.
Considering that BEVs start their life with a big carbon footprint, Rivian’s investment makes sense. Besides helping customers shrink their carbon footprint, it works on the common goal of decarbonizing the national grid by upgrading power sources.

Rivian’s Waypoints chargers are Level 2 stalls that are conveniently placed around popular places or near other points of interest. They use the well-known J1772 connector. You may compare the Waypoints with Tesla’s Destination Chargers. The Adventure Network, however, is the one that’s high-power and can provide fast-charging options for R1T and R1S users.

Read original article at autoevolution.com.

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