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Our Wish for 2021: The Year of Climate Action

The idea of a new year is always exciting, but after the year we just had, we at Clearloop are more than ready to turn the page and prepare for sunnier days ahead. 

And no, we’re not talking about finally committing to going to the gym (remember gyms?). 

We believe that 2021 will be the year of climate action. 

2021: The Year of Climate Action 

In 2020, consumers voted with their dollar and sent a resounding message to companies of all sizes that they expect sustainability, equity, and inclusion to be a core part of any business strategy going forward. As a result, a record number of companies made pledges on issues ranging from equity & inclusion to lowering their emissions to help us fight global warming.  

Climate in Crisis

No matter where you lived in the United States last year, you felt the impact of a warming planet: whether it was wildfires in the West, hurricanes in the South and Midatlantic, heatwaves in cities, or increased extreme weather events, we all woke up to the climate crisis. 

We know that in order to stop the damage from becoming irreversible, we have to lower our emissions. The good news is that we have the technology and solutions to get us there. In the United States, our electricity makes up over a quarter of our country’s carbon footprint. If we clean up from the dirty fossil fuels like coal and natural gas that are clogging up our atmosphere with carbon and other dangerous greenhouse gases, we can actually beat back climate change and invest in new American infrastructure that will power our generation. 

We have a lot of work to do. The reality is that only 2% of all electricity in the U.S. comes from solar. And 85% of all solar power is concentrated in just 10 states! That means there are communities across the country that are getting left behind in the clean energy revolution, missing out on not only cleaner air, but jobs, tax revenue, and economic investment that comes with solar infrastructure. 

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How Businesses Can Take Action on Climate

Last year, we saw plenty of businesses make pledges to meet big climate goals — carbon neutral, climate neutral, carbon negative, net-zero carbon, climate positive and so many other terms. These are bold words, now we need bold, actionable solutions to help them get there. Once a business does everything it can to reduce emissions in its products and supply chains, there will still be a carbon impact of doing business. 

That’s where Clearloop comes in. In order to truly reach net-zero emissions, a company needs to invest in tangible ways to slash emissions from outside their four walls. We see the decarbonization of our electricity grid as the best near term, most accessible opportunity for businesses of all sizes. We know that once companies look to reduce emissions indirectly, the world of offsets can be murky and confusing. That’s why we’re offering a simple, actionable way for companies to reclaim their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy across the United States.

We’ve made it easy for companies to measure their carbon footprint and track what solar power their investment will build. In fact, we’re focused on building new solar in the communities that are getting left behind, meaning your action will directly invest in the areas that need it the most. 

In 2021, skip the workout routine and make a resolution to get into the *climate* action with Clearloop. 


Want to learn more about how to offset your carbon footprint and take climate action in 2021 with Clearloop? Drop us a note at hello@clearloop.us or contact us here.

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