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American Energy Independence and the Mission for Equitable Access to Clean Power

As Americans celebrate our national independence today and into the future, it’s important to consider other areas in which independence is still something that we’re working to achieve for every citizen in our country. For instance, energy independence and access to clean energy is a mission that we at Clearloop have been cultivating since we got our start in 2019. 

Americans rely on fossil fuels to make electricity

Today, the majority of people in this country are reliant on fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas, to power our basic electricity needs. Our reliance on carbon intense electric grids for power accounts for roughly 25% of American carbon emissions, making the simple act of turning on our lights one of our worst polluters. But we didn’t make this choice for ourselves, and in some cases it can feel like we’re powerless to do something about it.

American Energy Independence can be a tool for economic development

The concept of energy independence, however, not only has the potential to change how we approach energy production, but also boost the environmental, health, and economic benefits of investing in new clean infrastructure for our country.

Energy independence means not only being able to generate your own electricity from something as abundant as the sun, but also knowing that flipping on your lights is not going to pollute and harm your community no matter where you live in the United States.

American’s Access to Clean Energy Shouldn’t Depend on Zipcode

Every American deserves to have access to clean energy, and its use shouldn’t be based on the neighborhood you live in. That’s why we’re working to build more solar capacity in communities that are getting left behind

At Clearloop, we encourage you to engage in your own solar power generation if you have the means, but our main objective is to increase access to clean energy through the electricity grid at large. We’re spreading the message that by cleaning up the grid, we can achieve energy independence, boost jobs, and slash carbon emissions in all corners of our country.

Laura Zapata, Clearloop Co-Founder and CEO, said in our partnership announcement with Vista Equity Partners, “Although access to clean energy is not equitable in our country today, we have a great opportunity to ensure that corporate ESG commitments deliver on the promise of a just transition to a decarbonized economy.” 

As we celebrate our country’s independence, we’re encouraged to continue investing in a more equitable and just union. We’ve found that there is a great opportunity here to open up clean energy to investments from businesses of all sizes with a focused goal: removing the carbon emissions from our electric grid and expanding equitable access to clean energy across the United States. 

With an all hands on deck approach, united for a brighter future and against climate change, we can continue to build toward a more resilient, independent, and just nation.


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