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Clearloop Breaks Ground on New Jackson Solar Project [WBBJ]

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Clearloop groundbreaking. Jackson, TN

Clearloop started just two and a half years ago to help reduce the carbon footprint in the United States.

“People here have been really receptive to this idea that we can use solar projects as an economic development tool,” said Laura Zapata, CEO of Clearloop.

Clearloop broke ground with their first solar project, which will consist of installing 2,000 new solar panels.

They say this will help provide the community with clean energy.

“It’s one megawatt. That’s a million light bulbs. Essentially, that will be powering 200 homes in the area,” Zapata said.

The goal is to be fully operational for July of next year. The panels will be generating clean energy for 40 years and will have some help from some hairy friends.

“Sheep are here to basically help us take care of this land and tend to it. The idea is to work with local farmers and ranchers to get their herds to come out here and tend to the land and use less chemicals to take care of this land,” Zapata said.

Local leaders say renewable energy is needed in order to help bring business to Jackson.

“When we look at recruiting new industry and helping existing industry grow in Jackson and West Tennessee, being able to talk about renewable energy assets is something that we got to be able to say, ‘Yes we can help you with that,’” said Kyle Spurgeon, President and CEO of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce.

Once the panels are complete, you won’t even notice you may be getting energy from this project.

“The wonderful thing about this project is that we’re working in partnership with JEA. We’re interconnecting right to them, so whenever you are in Jackson, some of your electricity will be coming from right here in Jackson in these solar projects,” Zapata said.

Clearloop also buried a time capsule that will be opened in 2062.

They will also be working on projects in the Mississippi Delta and East Tennessee in the next couple of months.


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