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Clearloop.us Launches Tennessee Solar Farm [Jioforme]

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In an interview with Zoom, we meet Laura Zapata, CEO of Clearloop.us, a solar solutions company based in Nashville, which builds a solar power plant in western Tennessee. Laura is also a former communications executive at UBER.

In anticipation of the Clearloop groundbreaking ceremony in Jackson, Tennessee on September 2, Clearloop will provide 1 million watts of solar power to carbon-intensive areas, including homeowners, children, teachers and electrical engineering. I told Laura what it meant for my students. Near the project. For viewers in the renewable energy world who are interested in greening the grid, solving climate crises, and creating solutions that benefit both the environment and the business, this video is perfect for you.

Laura explained the impact of former Nashville Mayor and former Tennessee Governor Phil Bresden on the ClearLoop.us team. As a longtime solar entrepreneur, Bresden has his great expertise in building large-scale solar projects with the goal of integrating growing demand for carbon offsets and the greening of Jackson’s power grid in Tennessee. Brings to Clearloop.

He also explained how compelling messaging is important and Clearloop’s concise storytelling makes it easier for companies to attract different partners, brands, and people to their projects. Laura explained the difference between the businesses that chose to go.Carbon neutral, “ “”Carbon negative” also “Climate change.. (By the way, they are all good).

I wish I had the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the production and shipment of my new book. Planet Power: Explore the world’s renewable energiesy It can be offset by Clearloop’s solar farm. In this video, Laura and I will work with a great team at WAP Sustainability to hear how it happened.

And finally, Laura provides uplifting advice to those interested in working in the areas of renewable energy and sustainability. Good news? We welcome the skills of people in a wide range of fields.


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