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Speaker Spotlight with Laura Zapata | Co-Founder, Clearloop Corporation [GoGreen Conference Series]

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Laura – we are thrilled to have you speaking on our Effective Partnerships: Building an Equitable and Clean Energy Future at GoGreen Conference on April 6th. Can you share highlights of how you think companies in attendance can best become part of the movement to advance an equitable and just clean energy and low carbon future?

A: Thank you so much for having me, I’m excited not only to share what Clearloop is all about, but to learn how other leaders in the industry are creating a clean energy future. At Clearloop, we fundamentally believe that companies of all sizes can take immediate action to expand clean energy in forgotten America – delivering environmental justice, economic opportunity, and improved health outcomes. Typically, only the wealthiest corporations have been able to invest in cleaning up the grid by building new renewable energy infrastructure. We offer a new pathway for companies to build new solar power facilities in communities getting left behind. 

It’s going to take all hands on deck, from both the public and private sector, to beat climate change. We believe there are sunnier days ahead! 

Clearloop was created to accelerate the greening of the U.S. electricity grid in the next 10 years through the force of everyday actions. Can you give us an example of everyday actions our community, private and public sector leaders can take in their businesses to help make this happen?

From the shoes we wear to the flights we take, every product and service we use has a carbon footprint. After years of nibbling around the edges, companies are taking up the mantle of climate leadership. We’re excited to see companies from all industries pledge to meet reduced emissions or net-zero targets. In order for those pledges to become a reality, private sector leaders should do everything they can to reduce the carbon footprint of their products and services, from the supply chains, to the materials they use, to the logistics and end of life assessments. 

However, after ringing out all of those inefficiencies, all of those products and services still have an irreducible carbon footprint. In order to truly achieve net-zero goals, we’re inviting companies of all sizes to use that remaining carbon footprint as an opportunity to clean up the grid, which accounts for over a quarter of all U.S. emissions, and help us expand access to clean energy by building more solar capacity in the communities that are otherwise getting left behind.

You have stated that expanding access to clean energy to corners of our country that are often forgotten is a priority. How are you driving support from multiple sector stakeholders support make clean energy available to all?

Although the electricity grid is responsible for over a quarter of our country’s footprint, that pollution is unevenly distributed across the country, hurting some communities more than others just based on where they happen to live. If the South were a country, for example, we’d be the 6th largest polluter in the world! That’s why it’s so important that we not only invest in clean energy expansion, but we start by building new solar projects in communities that are getting left behind. 

Companies across every industry have begun to invest not only in climate action, but have made pledges to deliver social justice as well. They understand that by expanding access to clean energy, we can not only permanently replace dirty fossil fuels, we can deliver environmental and health benefits and create lasting opportunities for economic investments. Climate justice is social justice and we want to do our part to deliver on that promise.


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